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Make your next Awards Banquet, Client Event, Meeting or Hospitality Suite truly UNFORGETTABLE!

“Watkins is the real deal, delivering a highly theatrical and visually stunning show that contains magic of the very highest order.”

-The Chicago Tribune

Corporate Entertainer

The Classic Show

A third-generation magician, Watkins has an affinity for the classics of magic.  This show features some of magic’s quintessential mysteries as they were taught to Watkins by his grandfather.  And though they are time-tested, classic mysteries, Watkins has placed his own twist on each and every one of them. This means your audience will experience the same wonder that audiences have reveled in for generations, though each and every piece in the show will feel fresh, contemporary, and totally mind-boggling.

In addition to being a master of sleight of hand and traditional magic, Watkins is a genuine mind-reader.  This show features some of mentalism’s greatest feats, as Watkins looks into his audience’s minds to see thoughts, pictures and ideas.  He’ll identify objects while blindfolded, predict phone numbers randomly chosen from the phonebook, and tell you who your childhood crush was.

Corporate, college and private audiences choose this show because it is a guaranteed hit.  With over 250 performances of this show each year, Watkins has worked and honed this performance to be adaptable to almost every performance venue and situation.

This show can be tailored to suit audiences of 25-2,500 and can run anywhere from 25-90 minutes, depending on your needs.


–The Chicago Reader


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The Impossible Mind Reading Show

Watkins’ grandfather always told him that the most powerful tool in a performer’s arsenal is the imagination of the audience.  This show lives and breathes almost exclusively in the minds of the audience. Without the classic magician’s props and tools, Watkins takes a bare stage and reaches directly into the minds of everyone in the room.

You know he was trained as a magician; he tells you so right from the start.  But this show isn’t about sleight of hand or illusion.  Instead, it is all about your audience.  What they think, what they feel, what they say…all of it is fair game for this magician turned mentalist.

Watkins will identify objects and pictures while blindfolded, reveal impossible predictions, duplicate drawings he has never seen, tell you when you’re lying, and much, much more.

The Straight Up Mind Reading Show has quickly become a favorite for Watkins’ corporate events and college audiences because it is smart, savvy, sophisticated entertainment guaranteed to shock and amaze even the most skeptical audiences.

This show can be tailored to suit audiences of 25-2,500 and can run anywhere from 25-90 minutes, depending on your needs.

“Chicago’s official Magic Man!”

–The Chicago Sun Times


Humana Banquet

Custom Magic and Mind Reading Shows

Watkins is a world-class entertainer.  And despite a lifetime of studying magic, a conservatory education in theater, and the ability to take the stage and hold audiences of thousands, Watkins truly believes the show is not about him.

“Too many magicians and mentalists do something flashy, then wait for the applause,”  his grandfather taught him. “But it is not about you.  It is always about your audience.  Always.”

These days, companies often need entertainment that goes a little further for their events.  They want shows that not only entertain, but inform, educate and/or motivate their sales team, clients or other guests.  Watkins’ work as a playwright and director, combined with his lifetime study of magic, make him one of the most sought-after creators of custom corporate entertainment in the country today.

Though Watkins offers a few select keynotes and workshops on Imagination, Innovation, Perception, Collaboration, he specializes in helping companies create custom presentations that are engaging, entertaining and relevant.

Watkins works directly with your team to understand your needs and goals for a particular event, program or meeting.  He then develops and scripts a custom presentation that features your message and addresses your goals. This approach allows for a much more detailed and customized program.

And the best part is, the show truly is about you and your guests!

These shows can be tailored to groups of ANY SIZE and are completely customizable in terms of length and content.

“Watkins’ MASTERY of sleight of hand is evident through out.”

–MUM ( The magazine of the Society of American Magicians)


The Close-Up Magic & Mentalism Show

You need magic you can do right in front of their faces,” Watkins’ grandfather used to tell him.  “Forget the big boxes, lights, and smoke machines.  Let the magic be right in front of them.  Better yet, make it happen in their hands.”

Growing up with a sleight of hand artist as his mentor, Watkins developed material that could be performed right under the noses of his audience.  A blend of magic and mentalism, Watkins’ close-up work is ideal for small, intimate groups.

Using borrowed objects such as money, watches and rings, Watkins delivers magic just as powerful as you would see on a Las Vegas stage inches from your eyes.

This form of magic is extremely versatile and can be performed in a number of situations.  Close-Up shows are perfect for audiences of 10-50 people and can run anywhere from 20-90 minutes, depending on your needs.

“Card tricks so astonishing, you won’t want to know how they’re done!”

–Chicago Free Press

Strolling Magic is perfect if you want to:

  • Catalyze conversation
  • Create engagement among your guests
  • Thoroughly entertain without overwhelming your event

Strolling Close Up Magic

Close-up magic happens right under your nose. Truly some of the most stunning, visual and mind-bending magic you can imagine! Watkins’ unique and original close-up magic transforms ordinary cocktail receptions, hospitality suites, banquets, corporate events and other gatherings into absolutely unforgettable events.

Watkins uses audience participation, comedy, mentalism, and mind-boggling magic to get your event moving with strolling performances. Using cards, rings, borrowed objects, rubber bands, and other every day objects, Watkins works his way through the event, performing intimate magic for small groups and individuals. Dollar bills float or end up stuffed inside oranges, signed cards switch places or end up in someone’s wallet, cell phones penetrate balloons, dollar bills magically turn into hundreds…and a great deal more! As Watkins moves from group to group, everyone gets their own five to ten minute magic show!

Dennis Watkins performs high-powered, fast-paced, unexplainable feats of magic and mentalism GUARANTEED to blow your audiences away.  Watkins has played virtually every type of venue including the Tropicana and Planet Hollywood Casinos in Las Vegas, Chicago’s United Center, Chicago’s Navy Pier, performing arts centers and countless college campuses and corporate events from coast to coast.

Corporate, College and Private shows run anywhere from 15 minutes to 90 minutes and are ideal for audiences of 25-2,500 people.

All shows are custom-tailored to feature you and your guests through hilarious physical comedy, astonishing magic and mind-blowing mentalism.

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