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You may have an event coming up or a seminar at which you would like to hire corporate entertainers; you may rightly feel that finding the right entertainment is like walking through landmines. Some are too racy, some are too mean-spirited, some are too controversial, and some are just not very entertaining at all!

It's good to think seriously about your choice here because employees should not be subjected to off-color humor or anything that would be deemed offensive when it's in line with company business, even if it's after work hours or outside the office itself. When you hire corporate entertainers that are overly sexual or in any other way degrading or offensive, you may actually face civil action from your employees! On the other hand, you don't want corporate entertainers that are going to put your audience to sleep or that are making jokes that weren't relevant even ten years ago.

So how do you find the right corporate entertainers for your event or occasion?

Know some options.

When you think of corporate entertainers you may immediately think only of comedians or stage performers. However, there are any number of options you may also consider, from magicians and jugglers to acrobats, singers, and those who have routines with trained animals. Any of these options may work well for your event and not be offensive or off-color. Today many of these performers who dub themselves corporate entertainers know that they're meant to entertain a grown-up crowd and they tailor their act accordingly; no balloon animals and simple dogs jumping through hoops.

Choosing one of these other options for corporate entertainers can mean finding someone that is actually entertaining but that won't offend even the most sensitive of crowds. You may even make an impression with your crowd as they appreciate something different than the standard off-color comedian or lowbrow humor.

What to ask and to expect.

When hiring corporate entertainers, it's good to see a demo reel of their act so you know what to expect. You can then decide if theirs is a good fit for your company and crowd. You can also get a feeling for their actual talent, something that is difficult to measure with a resume alone! The best and more professional corporate entertainers usually have a demo reel right on their website, or you may find one on the site of a manager or agent.

It's always good to ask questions of potential corporate entertainers, including what they need by way of space and equipment or access to electricity. Treat them like any other vendor and get a written contract that outlines their services. Don't hesitate to talk to potential corporate entertainers about concerns you have such as when it comes to off-color acts, the modesty of the wardrobe, and so on. They should know these things up front and should respect your boundaries and tastes. If not, you may want to select another performer or act.

Corporate Entertainment

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Corporate Event Entertainer

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Corporate Event Entertainment

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Corporate Magician

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Corporate Entertainers

You may have an event coming up or a seminar at which you would like to hire corporate entertainers; you may rightly feel that finding the right entertainment is like walking through landmines.